The Story of Simply New York

"Made in America"—it’s all the craze these days.

Consumers are beginning to realize the high cost that comes with purchasing cheap imports. From hazardous toxins to greenhouse gases, the negative impact on our health, environment and economy is becoming too much to ignore. Fortunately, manufacturing is making a comeback in America. And thankfully, production is on the rise again here in New York State.

Simply New York was opened in 2010 to provide a place for people to come purchase items made here in America, and specifically New York. Sure we’re known for our apples and Adirondack chairs, but have you ever wondered what else besides food and crafts are still made here in New York? As it turns out, quite a bit! We continually search the Empire State for manufactured consumer goods in an effort to bring them all under one roof. That means buying American and made in New York has never been easier. For a unique shopping experience where everything is NOT imported from a foreign country, we invite you to come take a look for yourself - we think you'll be surprised.

Simply New York is proud to offer Pride of New York products. Enjoying the fresh taste of local cheeses, sauces, jellies and products Pride Of New York is just one way to experience firsthand the bounty of New York agriculture. Most of our items can also be found at any number of local farm markets throughout the state. The majority are Gluten-free and made with less preservatives. Buying local often means buying fresh.